Urban problems and Solutions

Urban problems

Urban decline– old, poor quality houses and buildings fall into decay, people leave the area for the suburbs.

↓This leads to another problem

Urban Sprawl– This is the rapid growth of housing from urban areas outwards into the countryside.

  • Valuable farmland being used for building purposes
  • Villages become swallowed into the city, and lose their identity. E.g. Dundrum

Inadequate services-

  • Poor public transport means more people resort to private cars > Traffic congestion
  • Poor water quality
  • Waste disposal problems associated with Landfill and Incinerators
  • Nothing for young people to do contributes to anti-social behaviour
  • Overcrowded Schools/Hospitals

Urban solutions

Urban renewal-

Older houses and buildings are refurbished or replaced.

Urban redevelopment-

This is when people being re-housed in new suburbs so the inner city areas can be used instead for commercial uses.


New towns

Like Tallaght, Blanchardstown are built to cater for the growing populations of the city. They are well connected with road and rail and are planned so as they will not suffer urban sprawl.



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