Functional Zones in Cities

Functional zones in cities

Most cities contain several functional zones.

  • CBD (Central Business District)
  • Shopping/Retail areas
  • Industrial areas
  • Residential areas
  • Recreational areas

Case study- Paris

CBD in Paris- In the heart of the city. Main st. is called the Champs Elysees. Also has many world famous shops and attractions such as the Eiffel Tower and The Louvre.

Shopping areas- Paris has several large shopping areas outside its CBD.

Residential- Most people live in the suburbs. Western suburbs are the wealthiest.

Industrial- Specially planned industrial areas located around the city, whereas expensive Jewellery, cosmetics and fashion are still made in the city centre.

Recreation- Paris has several beautiful parks. Eg. The Luxembourg Gardens.

Case study- Dublin

CBD- O’ Connell Street and down along the Liffey towards the port.

Shopping- Outskirts of the city. Blandchardstown, Liffey Valley and Dundrum.

Residential- Suburbs like Tallaght, now even stretching as far as Mullingar.

Industrial- Several Industrial estates & around the docks and airport.

Recreation- Phoenix Park and St. Stephens Green.

Letterkenny- Case study

CBD- Main Street

Shopping- Retail park (Next, TK Maxx, Tempest)

Residential- Mountain top, Ballymacool.

Industrial- Ballyraine Ind. Est.

Recreation- Two town parks.

Land values in cities

Generally, the closer to the CBD you get, the higher the land values will be. Also, the intensity of land use (Height of buildings) will also be at its greatest.

On the other hand, the further away from the city centre you go, the lower the land values and the lower the density of use.

A bungalow in Dublin city centre would look as much out of place as a high rise block of flats in Glenfin.


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