Mass movement

Mass movement is the movement of regolith down a slope. The speed of mass movement ranges from extremely slow to extremely rapid.

Soil Creep

Soil creep by Ryan Walden

Soil creep is the slowest form of mass movement. Soil can creep slowly down even the gentlest slopes. It happens so slow that it can rarely be noticed except for the effect it can have on surface objects like trees and walls.



Trees affected by Soil Creep


Landslides by Leigh Mc Cafferty

Landslides are a very rapid form of mass movement, down a cliff or a very steep slope. They are common in mountain areas and along coasts. Anything that undercuts the base of the slope can trigger a landslide, such as sea erosion or road building, sometimes with devastating effect.


A town affected by a Landslide

Other forms of mass movement

Bogbursts, Mudflows and Avalanches are other forms of mass movement. Bogbursts are common on boggy, hilly slopes, while mudflows occur when soil/regolith that is saturated flow rapidly down  the slope. Avalanches occur where heavy snowfall becomes unsettled in mountainous areas.

avalancheAn Avalanche


A Bogburst


A Mudflow