Aerial Photographs

Calculating the time of year on an aerial photograph


It is possible to judge the time of year from looking at a photograph. When answering always give a few reasons and say where on the photo your indicators are. 


  • Trees will be covered with leaves (Deciduous only)
  • Crops will be ripening (Golden barley)
  • Animals will be in the fields
  • Rivers may be low



  • Trees will have lost their leaves
  • Fields may be ploughed
  • No animals in the fields

                  Recognising large buildings from the air


1.     Schools          Schools can be recognised by the playing fields/courts/playgrounds outside them. They are generally not very large.

2.     Shopping Centres          These will be very large, usually on the outskirts of large towns. They will also have very large car parks (Normally busy)

3.     Hospitals          These are quite large multi storey buildings with large car parks. Quite often they are ‘H’ shaped (because of the various wings) Large hospitals may also have helipads and a fleet of ambulances.

4.     Factories          These are usually large buildings that have large yards alongside. The yards may be full of their product/pallets/Lorries etc. Factory roofs are generally light in colour.

Types of houses

1.     Bungalows A house on its own, with only the ground floor.

2.     Detached   A house on its own, not attached. Generally two storey, generally in rural areas.

3.     Semi-Detached   Two houses joined together.

4.     Terraced   A row of houses, usually in an estate, or along a street.

5.    Apartments/Flats     Dwellings built on top of one another. (Usually in urban areas where land is scarce/expensive)

Locating large buildings on a photograph

You may be asked where on a photograph you would locate a new, large building. ( e.g. School, factory, hotel etc).

Points you should note are-

  • Choose a large unbuilt on area (plenty of room for extension/car parks etc)
  • Choose somewhere close, but not too close to a town (for workers/students etc)
  • Choose somewhere close to a main road (easy access)
  • Choose somewhere with flat land (easy to build on)
  • A scenic area (for a hotel)

Reasons why someone would object to a large building


  • Spoil the scenery/wildlife
  • Create pollution (factory)
  • Create traffic problems
  • Affect business (large shopping centre)