Aid is help given to poor countries. Ireland is one of the most generous countries in the world at giving aid.

Who gives the aid?

  • Non- Governmental Organisations ( NGO’s) These are voluntary groups. Eg. Trocaire, Concern, SVDP.
  • Bilateral aid– This is aid from one country to another. Eg. From Ireland to Zambia.
  • Multilateral aid- This is when many governments contribute to large organisations. Eg. United Nations, Unicef.




Fair Trade

Trade is the exchange of goods between countries. Unfortunately in the world today there is a lot of Unfair Trade. The rich first world countries are controlling trade, which is resulting in the rich getting richer and the poor, poorer.

Commodity- Something that is sold in its raw state. Eg. Coffee beans, tea leaves.

Cash Crop- A crop that is grown for sale.

Plantation- A large farm that grows a cash crop.

Multi-National Company- a large company in several countries, eg. Nestle